• Candle Stands

    Candle Stands

    Candle Stands Great looking candle stand can be the perfect accent to any room in your home. Candle stand come in a wide variety of different styles and designs such as meenakari candle stand, lotus candle stand, geometric candle stand, antique candle stand, carved candle stand, silver table candle stand and vintage candle stand. Their price range also varies a…
  • Chandeliers


    Chandeliers Chandelier also known as ‘jhoomar’ is elegant, which is why you'll find them in a lot of homes. We offer beautiful chandeliers and lamps in all sorts of styles. Choosing the right lighting for your home's kitchen or living room can be a difficult decision. handmade chandelier is a simple solution, that gives you the best choice depending on…
  • Lamps


    Lamps Everyone needs light in their room, so why not light it up wonderfully with Pushpa Exports undeniably exquisite line of handmade lamps. One of our best qualities is the work we put in to offer our client, as many antique lamps selections as possible. We provide a wide range of antique lamp, from indoor to outdoor. The lamps are…