• Dining Tables

    Dining Tables

    Dining Tables The state of Rajasthan in India is famous for handmade dining table and chair, which is made using an intricate process which requires incredible skill to make. Our dining table and chair collection has been designed by skilled craftsmen from Rajasthan, and consists of pieces that are handcrafted. No machines have been used to make our dining table…
  • Table Tops

    Table Tops

    Table Tops Table tops are something that people can view and use to determine whether or not a table is attractive. The table top of the dining table defines the elegance of the entire dining set. The lovely inlaid bone, MOP and gemstones on the inlay top coffee table, which creates lovely patterns and is noticed when the coffee mug…
  • Tables and Consoles

    Tables and Consoles

    Tables and Consoles Tables and consoles, made for dining and serving coffee, are at the top of the family hierarchy of tables. These coffee tables are used everywhere and frequently take the centre stage. While wooden tables are adorable, these tables are there to serve. Tables and consoles are incredibly adaptable, ranging from baroquely extravagant to quietly minimalist. However, regardless…