Marble & Stone Furniture

Marble & Stone Furniture

Marble furniture without a doubt is most lusted piece of furniture to have in home. The piece of outdoor furniture or marble furniture is so in trend that it is showing no sign of putting on the brakes. Outdoor spaces of home, or tourist places and specially of restaurants and hotels is really important to look alluring. Our outdoor furniture pieces like outdoor bench, outdoor stools and outdoor tables are built for all kind of weather and seasons. We at Pushpa exports understand what home décor means to you, that is why we manufacture of best outdoor furniture and marble furniture.
Pushpa export furniture is happy to offer range of garden bench, marble dining table, marble outdoor furniture, little patio set and much more.

  • Marble Arches

    Marble Arches

    Marble Arches We are Pushpa exports, one of the best manufacturers and exporters of marble furniture and marble antiques. We offer things that are generally hard to find, things like arch bridge stone or marble arch entrance. Anyone who loves contemporary or traditional art can have a look at our assortments. Pushpa Exports creates natural stone arches from high-quality marble.…
  • Marble Balls

    Marble Balls

    Marble Balls We offer to our customer, a wide range of handmade marble ball with high quality. A Marble ball is a popular choice for its artwork and sculpture. Carved stone ball is used as stone ball for garden decoration and home decoration. Granite sphere is available in all colors and sizes. Granite ball can be made as per your…
  • Marble Bathtubs

    Marble Bathtubs

    Marble Bathtubs Marble Bathtub is manufactured by using optimum grade material under the knowledge of expert professionals. Stone tub is praised by clients for owning remarkable characteristics. Offered range of stone bathtub can be availed in varied specification as per the need of valuable clients. Marble tubs are provided in several size options, which can be customized as per the…
  • Marble Beds

    Marble Beds

    Marble Beds We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of Marble stone beds.Marble bedroom sets are designed by our highly skilled experts using premium quality raw material, which we source from the trustworthy vendors of the market. Our offered range of hand carved bed is widely demanded in the market for its features like elegant design, durability and fine finish.…
  • Marble Benches

    Marble Benches

    Marble Benches Without a question, garden benches are the most coveted piece of marble furniture to have in one's home. The piece of outdoor bench or patio bench is quite popular and shows no signs of slowing down its popularity. Pushpa Exports is pleased to provide a variety of garden benches including swing bench outdoor, wagon wheel bench, antique outdoor…
  • Marble Birdbaths

    Marble Birdbaths

    Marble Birdbaths We make stone bird bath, which is one-of-a-kind and it comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as we facilitate customisation to match the demands and interests of individual customers. We design a wide selection of marble birdbath including cast stone bird bath, granite bird bath, and antique stone bird bath. We also manufacture carved…
  • Marble Bowls

    Marble Bowls

    Marble Bowls The stone bowl or dolsot has been used for many years. It is appealing and can be used in puja and as the dish to serve. There is no limited use to it. If one likes to fancy their parties adding a marble stone bowl, will make it even more beautiful and complete. Pushpa Exports manufactures and exports…
  • Marble Chairs

    Marble Chairs

    Marble Chairs The nicest feeling in the world is relaxing on an outdoor chair in your yard with a glass of juice on a hot summer day but the most difficult task is to choose a long-lasting and attractive patio chairs for the lawn. Don't worry, we have exactly what you're searching for, so have a look at our patio…
  • Marble Chess

    Marble Chess

    Marble Chess We have the best marble chess set in the world. It is hand-crafted by skilled artisans, and it contains only the highest quality marble. While most stone chess set is largely decorative, our stone chess board features a traditional design that players love and enjoy. Unlike most other chess set, stone marble chess set is suitable for both…
  • Marble Chowkis and Stools

    Marble Chowkis and Stools

    Marble Chowkis And Stools Marble stool and marble chowki are popular throughout India. The stone stool is elegant and can be used as a marble seat or even a marble vanity stool, whilst the white marble chowki serves its purpose in temples or for special occasions such as weddings. The marble stool is made in Rajasthan, India. Over the course…
  • Marble Dining Tables

    Marble Dining Tables

    Marble Dining Tables We are capable of producing, exporting, and selling high-quality marble table. The marble table set is available in several specifications and is weather resistant. The supplied marble dining set is made under the supervision of expert specialists using quality-tested materials. The marble dining is made by Pushpa Exports from high-quality marble. During the procedure, the marble is…
  • Marble Elevation

    Marble Elevation

    Marble Elevation Everyone believes that the first impression is the last impression and it matters the most. The exterior of a house is the first impression of someone’s house. The exterior of the house defines one’s taste in styling and designing. Adding a marble elevation to it, will polish the look of the house. Pushpa Exports is a leading manufacturer…
  • Marble Fireplaces

    Marble Fireplaces

    Marble Fireplaces Experience a unique, timeless and luxurious décor element in your home with the beautiful stone fireplace. The stone tiled fireplace is made of natural marble stone quarried from the best quarries around the world. The stone mantel is crafted from the top grade marble & is hand carved as per the set trends of the market. We can…
  • Marble Fountains

    Marble Fountains

    Marble Fountains Marble fountains in the landscape design of one’s property will boost the value of their home. The natural stone water fountain improves curb appeal if placed in front of the house. With a natural stone fountain that soothes and relaxes everyone, one is more likely to spend time outside during the day, at a family gathering, or a…
  • Marble Gazebos

    Marble Gazebos

    Marble Gazebos We, Pushpa exports, are one of the most well-known Indian marble gazebo manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers. The stone gazebo is made from high-quality materials to provide a long-lasting range. The huge variety of marble gazebo we offer includes, marble pergola, red stone chatri, white marble gazebo, stone gazebo philadelphia and many more. Our clients can choose from a…
  • Marble Inlay Table Tops

    Marble Inlay Table Tops

    Marble Inlay Table Tops Everyone scratches their head when they see stone inlay work and wonder, "What is an inlay?” The marble is cut and shaped before being carved for constructing stone inlay floors or marble inlay table tops. To produce exquisite designs, mother of pearl, semi-precious stones, and other stones are penetrated in the carved marble. It provides the…
  • Marble Jalis

    Marble Jalis

    Marble Jalis The magnificent stone jali is made of marble, the stone jali design is found in traditional and vintage Rajasthani houses. The beautiful stone jali wall is a form of traditional art loved by rich people. The interior including the stone jali work is not only beautiful but it also allows the sunlight to enter into the house. These…
  • Marble Jharokhas

    Marble Jharokhas

    Marble Jharokhas Those who are uninformed, Marble jharokha is the Rajasthani hanging windows with an enclosed balcony. Marble jharokha‘s attraction is its ageless elegance, which is royal, aristocratic, and refined. History, style, and aesthetics can all help to liven up your place. These are the most adored stone window in Rajasthan. The Marble window, are beautiful and express richness. Marble…
  • Marble Lamps

    Marble Lamps

    Marble Lamps Everyone needs light in their room, so why not light it up wonderfully with Pushpa Exports undeniably exquisite line of marble lamp. One of our best qualities is the work we put in to offer our client, as many antique stone lamp selections as possible. We provide a wide range of antique marble lamp, from indoor to outdoor.…
  • Marble Modern Art

    Marble Modern Art

    Marble Modern Art Sculptors have worked with a wide variety of materials throughout art history. While casting different marble sculptors and most of them have left enduring images. The stone abstract sculpture is something that gives our artists a way to express. Art is never supposed to be perfect but beautiful. The range we have to offer includes a variety…
  • Marble Musicians

    Marble Musicians

    Marble Musician Statues Our exquisite collection of marble musician statue has captured the attention of music and art lovers worldwide. Crafted with precision and made from the finest quality marble, our statues are known for their artistic brilliance and durability. Whether it's a marble musician sculpture for your home or a gift for a music aficionado, our handcrafted masterpieces are…
  • Marble Pergolas

    Marble Pergolas

    Marble Pergolas We are the top producer and supplier of stone pergola in the industry. Our professional designers create pergola stone using the highest quality raw materials, sourced from the most trustworthy vendors on the market. We provide a variety of marble pergola, including stone tower pergola, stone wall pergola, stone patio with pergola, stone and wood pergola as well…
  • Marble Pillars

    Marble Pillars

    Marble Pillars We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of the stone pillar. Our skilled designers produce marble pillar using the best quality raw materials sourced from the market's most reliable vendors. We provide a range of natural stone pillars, including granite pillar, lime stone pillars, sandstone pillar, stacked stone pillars, veneer stone column pillars, black granite pillar, travertine pillars…
  • Marble Planters

    Marble Planters

    Marble Planters We, Pushpa Exports, are a leading manufacturer of marble pot and marble urn. We offer a huge variety of stone pot with amazing patterns and fresh designs. The marble planter comes in different sizes and shapes which gives buyers a huge collection to freely pick the best for their home. One may find our marble flower pot quite…
  • Marble Railings

    Marble Railings

    Marble Railings Pushpa Exports manufactures a diverse range of stone railing, including balustrades stones, granite hand rails, limestone railing, stone deck railing and many more. The marble stair railing safeguards persons who reside in the house. It helps the elderly person or children to hold on to while climbing or going down the stairs. The balcony railings also protects from…
  • Marble Sofas

    Marble Sofas

    Marble Sofas For millennia, the marble outdoor sofa has been associated with wealth. This magnificent outdoor sofa set made of natural stone is known for its lavish beauty, which exudes grace and elegance. Homeowners who choose the classic beauty style or the modern minimalistic patio couches for decorating their indoor and outdoor areas have magnificent taste in home interior. Pushpa…
  • Marble Swings

    Marble Swings

    Marble Swings Prepared to spend this yearly monsoon on the terrace or yard, having enjoyed the cool breeze and trickling drops, an outdoor swing chair is an ideal spot to sit and relax while soaking in the views and sounds of the season. Here are a few lawn chair models that are recommended: pergola swing seat, stone work jhula, inlay…
  • Marble Tables and Consoles

    Marble Tables and Consoles

    Marble Tables and Consoles The inlay marble table is an ageless piece of marble furniture that will complement both classic and new designs. The stone outdoor table comes in a variety of shapes and patterns. There will be no similar marble table, ensuring that the table is not only gorgeous but also unique and have its originality. Pushpa Exports creates…
  • Marble Temples

    Marble Temples

    Marble Temples Marble mandir for homes has been increasingly popular. The majority of Hindu households insist on establishing a marble temple at home. At Pushpa exports, we have a wide range of marble mandir for home designs including, sangmarmar mandir, stone garden temple, marble temple, white marble mandir, red stone mandir, and many more. When creating a stone temple for…
  • Marble Tulsi Pots

    Marble Tulsi Pots

    Marble Tulsi Pots A marble pot for tulsi is always used as a decorative item while planting a live tulsi plant or small tree. Marble tulsi planter enriches and enhances the appeal of such a décor. Marble tulsi pot is exceptionally long-lasting, and is able to survive all types of weather and can last for many years. We make marble…
  • Marble Wall Panels

    Marble Wall Panels

    Marble Wall Panels Decorative stone panels are an excellent way to add color, texture, and character to a plain wall, transforming it into an outstanding place. The stone wall panels are made of marble. The stone wall veneer is well designed and perfect for the exterior. While thinking of a veneer stone panel, one can look at a variety of…

Marble & Stone Furniture

Marble furniture without a doubt is most lusted piece of furniture to have in home. The piece of outdoor furniture or marble furniture is so in trend that it is showing no sign of putting on the brakes. Outdoor spaces of home, or tourist places and specially of restaurants and hotels is really important to look alluring. Our outdoor furniture pieces like outdoor bench, outdoor stools and outdoor tables are built for all kind of weather and seasons. We at Pushpa exports understand what home décor means to you, that is why we manufacture of best outdoor furniture and marble furniture.
Pushpa export furniture is happy to offer range of garden bench, marble dining table, marble outdoor furniture, little patio set and much more.
Marble has created a large comeback within the world of interior design. It will add a refined look to your home, however the key to beautiful exterior is by adding contemporary outdoor furniture.
Marble furniture or outdoor furniture has grace which is undeniably conspicuous. Pushpa Exports, a leading company in Marble and Stone Industry deals in different kind of marble and stones, we have a deep uncontrollable craving to dig the best out of every piece of marble just to give you the desired marble furniture.
Our priority is to look for the quality and right standard so when it comes to our lawn furniture or outdoor furniture or just any preferred marble furniture, we take situation into our own hands and scrutinize to bring the best range of all-weather outdoor furniture and indoor marble furniture.

How Marble & Stone Furniture Is Made At Pushpa Exports?

Many individuals got the opportunity to see the best assortment of marble furniture in various colours, diameters, and thicknesses after visiting our outlet. Our mesmerizing black marble table top with inlaid semi precious stones or precious stones or mother of pearl has been arresting everyone from quite a long time.
We believe that every individual has their own choices and preferences and so we endeavour to get what they want. So, we have a wide range starting from marble coffee table to marble dining table, from lawn furniture to indoor marble furniture. The huge marble furniture range involves best outdoor patio set, black granite table, black marble desk, garden bench and others as the list is never-ending.
We deal in really huge range of marbles, our range of Indian marbles goes like Rajnagar White marble, Makrana White marble, Ambaji White marble, Black Kadapa and others. Those marbles we import to manufacture beautiful pieces of marble furniture are Australian White marble, Travertine marble, Lavante marble, Carrara marble, Statuario marble, Botticino marble, Perlato marble, Black Marquina marble, Vietnam White marble and Other Italian marbles.
When it comes to producing marble furniture, we never compromise on quality and use full-fledged resources to maintain the highest infrastructure requirements.
The procedure of making of marble furniture starts with selecting and snapping up best quality marble blocks. Then the further steps involve Multiwire or block cutters to cut marble. Blocks can be cut in a variety of ways depending on their dimensions.
The goal is to maximise the block's measurements by eliminating as much waste as feasible which help us to produce cheap patio furniture, cheap outdoor furniture or any marble furniture in reasonable price. Then the marble blocks are washed cleaned with high pressure water.

Then patterns and designs are selected and then traced on the marble blocks. After this, the block is handed over to an expert carver, to carve the marble to create beautiful outlines and patterns on it. Using hand tools, the stone is carved to make beautiful floral and geometric patterns on the marble furniture. Marble Inlay work is also done to decorate the marble outdoor furniture.

Sandstones like red sandstone, Dholpur pink sandstone, yellow teak sandstone, yellow Jaisalmer sandstone, bansi pahadpur pink sandstone are also used to embellish the garden furniture. For the concluding look, the furniture is sanded smoothened to get the mirror like finish which one could only gaze at in astonishment.

Adding our beautiful antique home décor pieces like marble buddha statue, stone coffee table, marble bar cabinet, black marble sculptor, marble book cases spice up any kind of home interior.
The gigantic range of outdoor furniture set, all weather patio furniture, marble benches, marble tables, patio couches and lot more products make it helpful for you to procure everything from one place with infinite options to pick from us for what you were longing.

How To Decorate Your Own Home With Marble & Stone Furniture

Marble has been utilised in Greece and Rome throughout antiquity, in everything from temples to bathhouses to markets. Whether you are in love with white marble furniture or black marble furniture, outdoor marble furniture or indoor marble furniture, it is something that is poised.
Furniture has also been given a marble makeover. Marble furniture is an excellent choice since it is solid, sturdy, and long-lasting. A high-quality marble table with marble chair that will last a long time while adding a luxury and sophisticated touch to your home.
It is a beautiful material that can give a room a spotless feel. White marble couch with marble cube table and grey walls give a rich look. The current technology allows it to be utilised not only in its usual modular shape, but also in the form of tiles for cladding. For bedroom, adding marble coffee table and black dresser with marble top with white walls and some lamps & frames, gives the room the look of bedroom interior vogue.
If you are stuck, and have no idea about how to decorate the balcony or terrace, we offer marble outdoor swing chair which is fit for every occasion or harsh weather conditions. If like your hot tea or morning coffee in the sun we have the elegant marble patio set ready for you.
As soon as marble furniture or outdoor furniture hits your mind, we are the ones who will help you with all the ideas possible to decorate your home.

Why Marble & Stone Furniture?

Do you see any reason to disagree to use marble furniture in your garden? Beauty of Marble is undoubtably one of the most extra ordinary features. Nothing comes close to comparing. A marble dining table or marble end table will go with almost any home decor and will be a talking point for your guests. If proper care is done for the Marble Furniture then it can outlast every other product of furniture available in your house. Marble furniture pieces like marble and brass side table or marble counter table is aesthetically pleasing and everyone admires it.
It is such a classic whose value increases with time and its use will never go out of fashion. Even antique marble furniture products never go out of style, they always trend even in the modern day world. Marble furniture is a long-lasting addition to your home that you won't have to update or replace, and you're unlikely to want to. Marble tables can be created to match a contemporary outdoor furniture look, modern mood as well as a natural, traditional, or antique aesthetic, with marble table tops available in a variety of gorgeous natural colours.

How To Clean Marble & Stone Furniture?

The graceful marble or outdoor furniture is undeniably the easiest furniture piece to clean. That marble furniture piece lying in your home requires little care and needs to be cleaned regularly this will ensure that no stains sit for a longer period on your outdoor furniture or indoor marble furniture. Using a non-abrasive tabletop or sponge-like cloth dunk in soapy water. While cleaning the marble top of your marble furniture always keep in mind that no harsh detergent or acidic substances are used as this can result in the dullness of marble.
Organic stains like juice or coffee can be removed using soap and water but some accidental spills on marble table top of oil or grease can be stubborn and cannot be removed using water and soap. Don’t worry we are here to save you, paper towel soaked in the combination of baking soda and acetone for 24 hours and then used on marble tops or marble coffee table or any other marble furniture can help in getting rid of any kind stains from your marble furniture top.